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To improve the quality of life for future generations by preventing further trauma in childbirth

The Crisis

Women and birthing people are experiencing further trauma in the perinatal year, which perpetuates cycles of transgenerational trauma.

Our Actions of Change

Relationship-based care and advocacy through educational, emotional and physical support from the third trimester of pregnancy to 6 weeks postpartum. 

Our strategies help strengthen the future of our communities.

Which help to improve

Dignity and informed choice in birth, which supports healthier bonding with baby, builds confidence, lessens isolation and rebuilds trust: creating positive generational change.

We believe

Relationship-based care is a key component of healing and when offered, cycles of transgenerational trauma can begin to heal. We believe that breaking these cycles leads to bringing generations of positive societal change.


"In the beginning I was uptight, not feeling confident when thinking about how to manage with my first child and now my pregnancy alone. Thank the lord the best happened for me to find out about Doulas Without Borders. I had never heard of a Doula before or the organisation, so at first I was unsure. I left it up to my God and spirit brought me Nova. She was so kind and respectful in her spirit. She spoke carefully to me and explained clearly what DWB can offer and I felt positive again that there is help, but still a little apprehensive opening up and feeling safe because if my previous trauma."


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