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Thanks for your interest in working with us. To volunteer, you will need to either be trained as a Doula, a Midwife or a Practitioner in a related therapy.


If you'd like to join us but haven't trained as a Doula, one option is to attend a Trauma-Informed Doula Education (TIDE) foundation course which is facilitated by our founder Kate Woods. 

The Tide course is well aligned with the volunteer doula role however we welcome applications from those who have participated in any other doula training course.


All applications are subject to an interview process. 

Feeling Mom's Tummy


​Standard policy across our organisation also asks that if you volunteer as a Doula or Elder (not applicable for all office positions):


  • Agree to follow our Ethos and our Guidelines, having read the Volunteer Handbook and Volunteer Agreement, which can be found HERE

  • Are willing to attend regular local meetings with your local team members in your community (either online or in-person) as a Community Elder

  • Take full accountability for your practice

  • Have an Enhanced DBS certificate covering work with adults and children*, or are a member of the PVG scheme if you are working in Scotland

We are not currently accepting new volunteer applications. 

This is a short term measure and we hope to be accepting new volunteers soon. 


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