How it Works

Step 1: Referral

Our service works through a professional referral system. Women should ask a health or social care professional or a support worker to fill out the referral form on their behalf.

We accept referrals for women during pregnancy or within the first 6 weeks of the postnatal period. We can only offer support if the woman is in extreme financial hardship, eg: unable to pay for accommodation and food. For those who are experiencing a more borderline financial hardship, we suggest women apply for a low cost Doula via Doula UK.


A Doulas Without Borders (DWB) Doula is there to understand and advocate for a woman’s choices and to ensure she receives the support she needs.


Once we have received your referral form, we will consult our Doulas Without Borders Directory* to find a match based on your geographical location and specific needs of the woman.


Step 2: Getting to know each other

Doulas make a connection with the referred woman by having a meeting. Based on this first meeting, the Doula and the mother will collaborate in creating a bespoke care package. This will create opportunities for the woman and Doula to deepen their relationship and could include things like:

  • Birth preparation sessions

  • Attending appointments together

  • Signposting and ensuring that the woman can access information she needs

  • Co-exploring the woman's choices and preferences 

  • Discussing comfort measures and strategies for birth

  • Establishing networks of support 

  • Creating strategies for the postnatal period


Step 3: Labour and birth

The Doula will be on call and potentially will work with another Doula to provide support starting two weeks before the estimated due date. The Doula will accompany the mother throughout the labour and birth, offering physical and emotional support, advocacy and companionship.


Our Doulas will liaise with family, friends and medical staff (where necessary) to advocate for the mother's choices, and will ensure that the mother is best supported for her individual needs. Most importantly, she will be a familiar and friendly face to comfort and reassure the woman during this vulnerable and powerful time.


Step 4: The postnatal period

Doulas help with the transition into life with a newborn by offering practical and emotional support. We can help with:

  • Infant feeding support

  • Self-care strategies

  • Establishing networks of support 

  • Signposting and access to information and specialist services


* DWB doulas are 100% responsible for their relationship with their client and will work in a way that is unique to their personal practice.


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